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The GOLD STANDARD for dryland farming!

Our unique Dryland Pasture mix is formulated for the farm, ranch, or range where no irrigation is present. Growable on the annual precipitation available in most areas of the US, except in very arid climates, our mix persists in droughty conditions and will provide high quality forage. While designed to grow on 10” of annual precipitation, more will allow for higher yields. In areas of 12” of annual precipitation our dryland pasture mix has been bailed at least once annually.

Planting Depth: No deeper than .25”

Planting Rates: 16 lbs per acre if drilled, 20 lbs per acre if broadcast

Planting Dates: Late fall (Sep-Oct) is best, however spring planting is ok as long as the seedbed is kept wet during germination.

 *Product ships in a 50 pound bag.

General Information:

Our Dryland Pasture Mix can be used for erosion control in addition to the aforementioned uses. It competes well with weeds, especially if sown in late summer or early fall, allowing it to crowd out pesky spring annuals. After establishment our mix can be fall and winter grazed as pasture. Allows more than 4” of stubble if grazing. Our Dryland Pasture Mix will typically grow between 24”-42” in height.


Typically broadcast sowing is the most common, however drilling may be done. If drilling, take care to plant no deeper than .25”. Our mix is best planted in a field that has been prepared with some form of light soil disturbance. Dryland Pasture Mix may be sown at any time of year if your seedling is kept wet, especially during germination and establishment. In late fall planting (Sep-Oct) scenarios the seed will typically lie dormant until spring. 




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