Pasture Mix Special #7

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Get Pasture Mix Special #7 for $2.94 per pound!

A mixture of rye grass, orchard grass, and tall fescue. 

The BEST value for grass seed in the country! 

This specially selected mix of warm-season grasses is a perfect fit for those wanting to add some variety to their grazing/baling operations. While this is a compliment to cattle operations due to its palatability and tonnage production, this mix is also a favorite in the horse community. 

This grass mix is able to withstand moderate winters and moderate drought with surprising stand persistence. 

 Planting Depth: .25”-.5”

Planting Rates: 20-25 lbs per acre, adjust by up to 5 lbs per acre for additional mix-ins.

Planting Dates: Mar-May, Aug-Sep

  • 35% Orchard
  • 30% Fescue
  • 25% Rye
  • 10% Annual Rye Grass
*Product ships in 50 pound bag.


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