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A fantastic alfalfa that lives up to our strict standards! This alfalfa is very winter hardy, and will survive even bad conditions. Used primarily as a fantastic grazing option, this alfalfa "spreads" as the stand gets older or under conditions that would typically kill an alfalfa stand. 

Creeping alfalfa expresses a creeping root rather than a taproot like other alfalfas. This makes it an excellent fit in new pasture seedings with grass, or as a reliable legume to inter-seed into the existing pasture.

Coated Alfalfa is best used in areas where moisture during planting is scarce. This coating acts like a sponge and helps draw in moisture at time of germination allowing a quality stand to establish. COATING MAKES UP ROUGHLY 1/3 (17LB) OF THE WEIGHT IN BAG, SO MAKE SURE TO ADJUST QUANTITIES ACCORDINGLY.

Planting Depth: .25”-.5”

Planting Rates: 20-30 lbs per acre

Planting Dates: Mar-May, Aug-Sep


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