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Dahurion Wildrye is an introduced, self- pollinating, short-lived (1-3 yrs) perennial bunchgrass. It is commonly used for pasture and hay across the US. It is adapted to sites receiving 12”-24” of annual precipitation, but persists longer with higher precipitation. Wildrye has high saline tolerance and is adapted to all soil textures. It typically produces significantly greater amounts of forage than crested and intermediate wheatgrass in the first growing season. It is not as winter hardy as crested or intermediate wheatgrass in semi-arid climates with little snow cover. It is very competitive during establishment but loses competitive ability as the stand ages. It establishes quickly and has high seedling vigor, making it a good candidate for reclamation or quick pasture.

Planting Depth: .5”-.75”

Planting Rates: 15-20 lbs per acre

Planting Dates: Mar- Apr, Sep-Oct

 *Product ships in 50 pound bag


Dahurion Wildrye has excellent emergence and seedling vigor that is better than crested or intermediate wheatgrass. Drill seeding is the recommended sowing method. It should be limited in mixes to less than 25% to prevent it from outcompeting less vigorous species. 


Dahurion wildrye has exceptional grazing recovery. It can be grazed in early spring without negative effects. However, Dahurion wildrye has a shallow root system and plants can be pulled easily from the ground in wet spring soils during the establishment year. New seedings should be protected from grazing until they are well established .



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