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Get Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD for $2.69 per pound!

DY- HARD CTD is a TOUGH and extremely LONG-LASTING alfalfa. Resistant to tough conditions like the classic varieties were years ago!

A 50% coating for higher germination success in dry ground.

Our Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD Alfalfa is a fine-stem, deep tap root, multi-leaf, legume that has been designed to give you a maximum stand life of up to 10 years of production. With relative feed values as high as 220, and up to 14 tons on irrigated ground, our alfalfa is a great choice for hay and silage in livestock operations.

Coated Alfalfa is best used in areas where moisture during planting is scarce. This coating acts like a sponge and helps draw in moisture at time of germination allowing a quality stand to establish. COATING MAKES UP 50% (25LB) OF THE WEIGHT IN BAG, SO MAKE SURE TO ADJUST QUANTITIES ACCORDINGLY.

Planting Depth: .25”-.5”

Planting Rates: 30 lbs per acre irrigated, 20 lbs per acre non-irrigated, and 20 in mixes

Planting Dates: Mar-May, Aug-Sep

*Product ships in 50 pound bag.

**All Tug-of-War™ Alfalfa is non-gmo and comes Pre-Inoculated (PI) to aid in stimulation of N nodes. COATING IS NOT OMRI APPROVED.


Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD Alfalfa should be planted in a smooth, firm, weed free seedbed. Adequate moisture is obtained with its 50% coating allowing for absorption. Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD Alfalfa can be planted in the spring or late summer. We usually recommend seeding grass with alfalfa to give a higher tonnage and better quality feed for the life of the stand. Alfalfa exhibits autotoxicity, which means established plants (older than 6 months) give off compounds that prevent new alfalfa seedlings from establishing. 


Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD Alfalfa grows best on deep, well-drained, friable soils. Lands subject to frequent overflows or high water tables are unfavorable to alfalfa. The pH of the soil should be 6.5 or above. 


Our Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD Alfalfa is best used in areas where moisture is severely starved during planting. Once established, a Tug-of-War™ Alfalfa stand can last for many years. Many Tug-of-War™ varieties can handle 30 day cutting schedules. One very critical aspect of alfalfa management is knowing when to take the last cutting in the fall. The last cutting of Tug-of-War™ DY- HARD Alfalfa should take place 3-4 weeks before the 1st average killing frost date.


Medicago sativa L. alfalfa, is a long-lived perennial legume. Flowers vary in color from purple to yellow and are borne in loose clusters. Pods of alfalfa range from the sickle type to those that are twisted into spirals. Each pod contains several small kidney-shaped seeds. Alfalfa stems are erect and grow from a woody crown to about 2 to 3 feet tall. New growth occurs from buds in the crown. The plant has a tap root which may penetrate 25 feet deep into the soil. Compound leaves are alternately arranged on the stem and are normally trifoliate although there are commercial varieties that have multifoliate leaves. There are approximately 227,000 seeds/pound.


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