Intermediate Wheatgrass

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Recommended for super dry areas. As tough as Crested Wheatgrass with more PRODUCTION!

Intermediate Wheatgrass is a long-lived, cool season perennial grass that is widely used for hay, forage, and pasture in the Western US. It can grow 3’-4’ tall and has a deep feeding root system. This grass performs best on at least 12” of annual precipitation and thrives between 3,500’-9,000’ in elevation.
Planting Depth: .5” or less on medium to fine soils and no more than 1” deep on coarse soils.

Planting Rates: 15 lbs per acre drilled, 20 lbs per acre broadcast

Planting Dates: Mar-Apr, Sep-Oct (dormant seeding), Aug-Sep only on irrigation

 *Product ships in 50 pound bag.


If used below 3,500’ in elevation, moisture requirements will be higher. It is not as drought tolerant as our Crested Wheatgrass, but more winter hardy than our Smooth and Meadow Brome and Orchardgrass. Palatable to all classes of livestock and wildlife in spring, early summer, and fall, Intermediate Wheatgrass is a great choice for grazing or forage. A healthy and productive stand will not withstand heavy continuous grazing however, and care must be taken when grazed. 

Adaptation and Management

Intermediate wheatgrass is well adapted to areas of disturbed soils. This grass can be used in critical and urban areas where irrigation water is limited and to stabilize ditch banks, dikes, and roadsides. This grass can also be used to build soils because of its heavy root production. For best productivity, 8” of new growth should be attained in the spring before grazing is allowed on an established stand. 4” of stubble shall be maintained after harvest and going into winter. Intermediate wheatgrass has fairly slow regrowth following cutting and is best adapted to single crop-haying conditions. It responds very well to irrigation with initial production nearing the level of orchardgrass and meadow brome and exceeding smooth brome under full irrigation.

Under favorable conditions intermediate wheatgrass provides good weed suppression.


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