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Mancan Buckwheat is a rapidly established summer crop that is most commonly used for erosion control. If you need a workhorse to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, buckwheat fills this role exceptionally. Buckwheat's claim to fame is through its known ability to extract phosphorus and other nutrients from the soil and render them more available for the next crop. 

Planting Depth: .5”-1.5”

Planting Rates: 30-70 lbs per acre, cut rate by 25% if used as nurse crop

Planting Dates: Apr-Jun, minimum 50F soil temp


Mancan Buckwheat should be drilled in a semi firm seedbed. Emergence will occur in 3-7 days after planting. The soil needs to be a minimum of 50F for buckwheat to germinate. Buckwheat will reach maturity within 8-10 weeks. If flowering is a concern then plant buckwheat a month before the first expected frost date.


Mancan Buckwheat does best in a well drained, loam textured soil.  If planted in poorly drained, heavy textured, or compacted soils growth could be hampered. Buckwheat is known to perform better in low fertility soils than cereal crops. The Mancan variety has historically been planted on newly cleared or over farmed lands to rejuvenate the soil. The first presence of frost will terminate the crop. Buckwheat is not a crop known to handle a drought very well, due to its shallow root base.


Buckwheat likes light to medium, well drained soils, sandy loams, loams, and silty loams. It grows best in cool, moist conditions. Buckwheat is not drought tolerant. Buckwheat will typically reach maturity in 70-90 days with production of 2-3 tons of dry matter in just 6-8 weeks. Buckwheat is easy to kill and does not add much to the soil by the way of biomass. Buckwheat is not conducive to grazing and uses about half as much water as a soybean crop. Buckwheat should not be planted alone due to how loose it makes the top soil, leading to increased soil erosion after kill off. If gone to seed, Buckweed can become a weed, so termination must occur within 7-10 days of the 1st flowering.


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