Pasture Mix Special #5

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Get Pasture Mix Special #5 for $3.59 per pound!


A mixture of Smooth Brome, Orchard grass, and Fawn Tall Fescue.

  • 35% Meadow  Brome
  • 35% Orchard
  • 30% Fawn Tall Fescue

This special picked mix of grasses has been formulated to provide excellent results on drier ground that has a tendency to be more drought prone than other areas. This blend contains aggressive, nutrient-dense grasses and legumes that cattle and horses find highly palatable. This amazing blend of high-quality grasses has high adaptability to the US ranging from the Intermountain West, to the Great Plains, all the way to the Upper Midwest. This mix will withstand  cold snowy winters or the hot-humid summers. Giving you optimal stand for quality pasture.

*Product ships in 50 pound bag.


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