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Spring Triticale is the spring planted version of the hybrid between rye and wheat, that combines the best qualities of both. Typically Triticale is used in erosion control, to capture excess N, and used as a cover crop. Due to its aggressive root system and early season growth, Triticale provides superior ground cover and weed suppression abilities. Rapid early growth after planting with good root mass improves soil structure. It has the potential to produce tonnage that will be a good weed competitor as well as offering the opportunity to graze in the fall and winter months making it a dual purpose species. Spring Triticale is typically more drought tolerant than other varieties.

Planting Depth: 1”-1.5”

Planting Rates: 100-120 lbs per acre, 60-90 lbs per acre in mixes, 50-75 as a cover crop

Planting Dates: Mar-May, or 4 weeks after last killing frost. Min 42F soil temp

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Spring Triticale should be planted in a firm seedbed and can withstand moderately drained soils.


Triticale can be utilized in grazing or haylage operation. It has a wider window of harvest then most cereal grains allowing it to be more versatile in inclement weather while maintaining excellent quality. To achieve high-quality triticale forage, cut in the flag leaf to boot stage prior to heading. Yields range from 2 to 4 tons of dry matter per acre. Delaying harvest to the soft-dough stage can boost yields by more than 50 percent, but the delay also reduces forage quality. 50 lbs of N at seeding is often recommended to establish a healthy stand and again in the spring. Triticale withstands heavy grazing pressure and has better protein levels than its parents Rye and Wheat.


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