Fawn Tall Fescue

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Get Fawn Tall Fescue for $2.44 per pound!

Extremely high producer designed for “tough” ground. OUTSTANDING in alkali and semi-drought areas! (ENDOPHYTE FREE)

Our Fawn Tall Fescue is a robust long-lived, comparatively deep rooted, bunchgrass. Tall fescue is very drought tolerant, yet can grow in wet conditions. Used as an addition to hay portfolios and a foundation of many pasture systems in the Midwest, Fescue has proven to be a great choice in dairy and beef operations. 

Planting Depth: .50”

Planting Rates: 15-20 lbs per acre drilled, and 20-25 lbs per acre broadcast

Planting Dates: Mar-May, Aug-Sep


*Product ships in 50 pound bag. 



Tall Fescue is easy to establish due to its rapid germination and good seedling vigor. Although fairly easy to establish, a good seed bed is still key to an excellent stand for hay or pastures. Fescue can be no-tilled into an existing alfalfa stand immediately after harvest. If seeding in a prepared seed bed, make sure sufficient packing has been done before and after seed is sown. For a faster establishment, 20-30 units of N is recommended, however follow fertilizer plans based off of soil tests.


Tall Fescue is adapted to cool and humid climates and most soils with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0. Tall Fescue will grow fairly well on soils low in fertility, but it is better adapted to fertile conditions. Tall Fescue will produce top growth when soils are as cold as 40°F, and it continues growth into late fall in the south.


Tall fescue can be planted with alfalfa, with grass hay mixes, or simply for hay or pasture systems. Tall Fescue, like most cool season grasses, stores 90% of food for regrowth after harvest in the bottom 2 to 2.5 inches of the stem. This means that for maximum growth and production at least 3 to 4 inches of stubble should remain after harvest. Tall fescue can tolerate less than ideal fertility but, like most crops, it gives best yield and quality in balanced soils. Tall fescue is the best grass for stockpile grazing. Keep in mind that overgrazing should be avoided to allow for proper regrowth.


The broad flat leaves are smooth and shiny on the underside, with pronounced ribs on the upper surface. The stems are 3-4 feet tall, supporting a nodding panicle that is 4 to 12 inches long. There are approximately 227,000 seeds/ pound.



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