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Used often to pump up an old pasture or alfalfa stand. Used as primary forage, emergency forage, “summer slump," double crop, erosion control, or an “I’m in a drought please rescue me” crop!

Teff is a fine-stem, warm season annual that is similar in appearance to bunch grass that is often used as forage hay or as a cover crop. Teff often produces yields and quality that is similar to Timothy, while being more drought tolerant. Plant height can range anywhere from 3’-4’ depending on the area. One of Teff’s best attributes is it's fast emergence time, (as little as 3-5 days) that leads to it being a prime choice for an emergency cover crop. 

Planting Depth: ⅛”-¼”

Planting Rates: 8-12 lbs per acre

Planting Dates: May-July

*Product ships in 50 pound bag.


Due to rapid germination, Teff can be established very easily if planted in a firm seedbed and soil temps are at least 65F. Teff should be planted after any and all risk of frost has passed for the season. Teff can be cultivated on a wide range of soil environments, which means it can tolerate both drought and water logged conditions. For best establishment, an available 50-60 lbs of N at planting is recommended. Broadcast planting  is the preferred method of sowing although it can be sown into very narrow rows for stronger weed competition. Planting deeper than recommended will usually result in a complete stand failure. Stand failure may also occur when planting after small grains unless the stubble is thoroughly incorporated into the soil. Initial growth is slow until a good root system has been established.


Teff seed will not germinate well in cool soils. Plants are highly susceptible to cold and will die if temperatures drop to 32 degrees or lower.


The advantage of Teff is it's ability to produce high quality hay in a relatively short growing season. Teff has an initial slow growth until a good root system has been established. Herbicide programs for Teff would be similar to other annual grasses or cereal grains. Small applications of N following each cut will enhance yields of later cuts. Moderate amounts of Phosphorus and in some cases sulfur may be required. Excessive fertilization should be avoided to prevent lodging. Harvest before maturity for optimal quality feed. Cutting interval is generally 40-45 days, but may vary. Currently, there are several Teff varieties being sold, with very little difference in them. For optimum forage quality, teff should be harvested in the pre-boot to early boot stage, approximately 45 to 50 days after planting at a cutting height of 3 to 4 inches. Harvest regrowth in 30 to 45 days depending on environmental conditions.


Teff is a warm season annual grass that is fine stemmed with large crowns and many tillers. Roots are shallow and develop a massive fibrous root system. Plant height at maturity is typically 3 to 4 feet, but varies depending on variety and environmental conditions. When harvested at the proper stage, crude protein will normally be in the 15% to 20% range. Teff has an open panicle type seed head. There are approximately 1.3 million seeds per pound. When seed is coated at 50% there are approximately 650,000 seeds per pound.


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