Plants of this type have always been important to humans. They have been grown as food for domesticated animals for over 6,000 years.....

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We offer our line up of TUG of WAR Brand Alfalfa Seeds in 50 lb bags, pre-inoculated & coasted or just pre-inoculated....

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Picture The most common question we are asked is how much seed to plant. We base our answer on thousands of phone conversations with farmers, who are of course the true experts. Alfalfa, and grass rates are 20 lbs per acre for dry land, 30 lbs for irrigated.

Our biggest farmers are putting on 30 lbs, and claim to be gaining 1/2 ton per acre, and much finer stemmed.

On the other hand, we are talking people down a little on corn rates/ Dry land 20,000 plant pop. Irrigated 30-38,000 plant pop. It seems these rates are much more forgiving in case of a tough year. Again these suggestions are based upon thousands of phone calls.

~ Ray, Tug of a War Seeds