Crested Wheatgrass

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The solution to what would normally be waste ground!

EXCELLENT for areas with eight inches of precipitation annually!

Crested wheatgrass is a very long-lived perennial bunch grass. It has an extensive fibrous root system that gives it excellent winter hardiness and drought resistance. Crested wheatgrass is characterized by rapid early spring growth that is very palatable, but forage quality drops quickly after heading. Crested wheatgrass can be utilized for hay or pasture. Bred in western Canada for the harsh winter environments.

Planting Depth: 1.25”-1.5”

Planting Rates: 16-20 lbs per acre, 10-12 lbs per acre in mixes

Planting Dates: Mar- April

*Product ships in 50 pound bag.

General Info

Crested Wheatgrass produces fair forage. As the grass matures it becomes harsh and protein content drops rapidly. It does, however, yield well and is highly palatable in the spring. It is used extensively for reclamation, stabilization and erosion control. It is a primary component of our Dryland Pasture Mix. Because of ease of establishment, longevity and broad value it is planted more frequently in the intermountain west and desert southwest than any other grass species for dryland pasture, reclamation and stabilization.


Crested Wheatgrass can be found on most rangelands of the intermountain west. It is adapted from 2,500-9,000 feet, though it performs best between 4-6,000. It prefers well drained soils, it is not adapted to poorly-drained soils or heavy clay soils. It requires a minimum of 10″ annual precipitation. It has fair tolerance to alkali and acidity.





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